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Bed bugs - Let's Talk About Them

Bed bugs are much a fact of modern day life. They thrive in our centrally heated homes, and they love it there. As a matter of fact, without realising it, we have created the ideal breeding ground for bed bugs. About 20 years ago, bed bugs were less common place. Yes, there were still around, but we managed to keep them under control. Now many homes are suffering from invasion and infestations of bed bugs. Why is that, and what can we do about it?

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A Brief History of Time of the Humble Bed Bug

It is worth knowing your enemy Napoleon once said as he faced his Waterloo. Well, Napoleon did indeed know Lord Wellington well, but could he defeat him? As we all know, Napoleon did not manage to defeat Wellington at the stand-off at Waterloo. Instead, he was taken by surprise and overwhelmed by him.

Today, we face the same situation with the bed bugs in our homes. We know that the enemy is there, we are not familiar with his manoeuvres. More than anything, where can we found out how to get rid of bed bugs and advice on how to combat bed bugs in our homes.

The bed bug never used to be such a big problem. We used to ventilate our homes much better and not enjoy things like comforters. Of course, central heating and modern bedding is great, but we are not the only ones to enjoy it.

The fact is our constant human companion, the bed bug, has been with us ever since we snuggled down under our first mammoth wool skins, and they started to enjoy our creature comforts as much as we do. The truth is we have created a breeding ground for bed bugs in our modern-day homes.

How many types of a Bed Bug are there?

There are two different types of bed bugs which have so far been recognised. In Northern hemisphere, we are more familiar with Cimex lectularius. This is the most common bed bug in most homes. However, as we have become more mobile and travel the world a lot more, his friend Cimex hemipterus, is beginning to turn up as well. He has travelled with us in our suitcases from all those exotic vacation destinations and is now enjoyed life in many major Northern hemisphere cities.

Can You See Bed Bugs?

No, you cannot see bed bugs unless you have a major problem. They are microscopic creatures that like to hide away. But, if you have a major infestation, you may see them. Don’t for one moment think they always live in your bed. Sometimes they hide away and come out when you turn off the light. Popular places for bed bugs to hide are in the ceiling or behind drapes. Therefore, a bed bug infestation is such a big problem, and one that you can’t control yourself.

Bed bug Cimex lectularius


But, How Do You Know if You Have Bed Bugs?

First, when was the last time you hoovered your mattress or did that slip your mind? If you don’t care for your bedding space, you are pretty sure to have a few more friends than you bargained for. By the way, don’t blame the dog that sleeps on your bed. Your furry friend is just as sensitive to bed bugs as you are.

Most people who have bed bugs present in their homes, suffer from itchy skin and perhaps a crawly feeling during the night. That is the time when the bed bug likes to come out to play. They feed on skin cells that you drop off in your bed and may even start to attack you. When that happens, you are likely to end up with a rash.

A bed bug rash may look a bit like atopic eczema, significant health professionals do confuse with eczema. If you can clearly see little bites or red marks within the rash, you can be pretty sure that you have bed bugs. Check out your furry friend as well, and you may find that he suffers from the same problem. Bed bug bites can vary in size but are always itchy.

Yes, your home will need treatment to bring the bed bugs under control. Look out for little black droppings. This is a sure sign of bed bug activity. This is the droppings of bed bugs which are made from dried blood - yours incidentally!

Are Bed Bugs a Serious Health Problem?

Many local authorities are keen to play down the seriousness of bed bugs and do not promote bed bug control. But, the truth is that bed bugs can be a serious health problem. You may think you are suffering from a breathing disorder caused by pollution, but bed bugs can cause the same reaction much in humans. They are also associated with asthma and eye infections. Believe it or not, these little critters can get anywhere.

Most commonly bed bugs are associated with skin problems. Make sure that you deal with any unexplained rashes quickly and get them identified. The most common places to find bed bugs rashes are on the arms, back and stomach. These are real bed bug hot spots. They love this area because they are nice and warm. You may also find rashes in the creases of knees and elbows. That could well be bed bugs.

Also, bed bugs love dandruff. If you suffer with the condition, make sure that you treat it and perhaps consider changing your pillowcase daily. They can even cause a rash along the hairline and behind the ears. All these are signs to be aware of when it comes to our enemy the bed bug.

bed bug bites


Tiredness and Bed Bugs

Some people may not have a rash but are affected by bed bugs anyway. The rash means you are allergic to certain compounds in the bed bug’s’ saliva, so a rash is a good warning sign. But what happens if you are not allergic to their saliva? Does that mean you are not being bitten? It does not mean that at all. You are just as like to have been bitten when you don’t have a rash.

This is more serious as it can lead to insufficient vitamin B. This vitamin is a water-soluble vitamin which can easily become depleted if we lose even a small amount of blood. A common sign is tiredness and not sleeping well. You may experience tingling and feel a bit on edge. Always worth checking what is going on as insufficient vitamin B can lead to a long list of health problems including blood disorders.

If your furry friend has been bitten by bed bugs, it is a good idea to give him a supplement of Brewer’s yeast. It is rich in vitamin B and will make him or her feel better in no time at all.

Should I Tackle the Problem Myself?

Your best friend might tell you that you can get rid of bed bugs by adding things like tea tree aromatherapy oil to your wash. That is not true at all. First, the oil will only disperse in the wash and be destroyed by detergent. Secondly, there is no proof it works. As a matter of fact, while you are trying all the alternatives, you can pretty much rely on the fact that the bed bugs are having a good time feasting. If you are serious about getting rid of bed bugs, you need to find some professional bedbug control.

How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

Getting rid of bed bugs is a job for the professionals. More than likely, you may find that you have bed bugs in other parts of your home as well. We all like to get up on Sunday morning and have a lazy breakfast in front of the TV. Likely, you may have a few bed bugs on your sleepwear as well. Without knowing, you have now transferred them to your sofa. We can easily continue to spread bed bugs without knowing that we are doing so.

The sad truth is we can also transfer them to our friends’ homes. Of course, we don’t mean to do so. But, once bed bugs have invaded our homes, they like to go on little excursions. Travelling on your nice warm sweater to your friend’s home is just another day in the office for your average bed bug.



Best Bed Bug Advice

The other advantage with calling in the professionals to deal with your bed bugs, is that they can give you some personal advice. Our homes are unique, and there could be something in your home that has triggered that bed bug infestation.

A professional company will also give you advice on how to look after your home in the future. They will give you advice on how to look after your bedding area, and which beddings materials are the best. Mixed fabric materials are loved by bed bugs, but they are less keen on cotton as it does not hold heat or warmth in the same way.

Can You Clean Them Out of Your Home?

Unless you use professional cleaning services, you are not likely to wash them out or clean them out. You and your family may have to vacate your home for the day and let the cleaning company do their job. If they are in your bed, you can bet that they are probably in the kids’ room, the dog’s basket and maybe even in your linen storage.

These are persistent little creatures who are experts in finding the best living quarters in your home. Once bed bugs have settled in, they are hard to tackle, and you should always consider the health risks for yourself and your family.


The Best Bedbug Control

Once the bed bugs are gone, and you have your home back, it is important to practise bedbug control. You are now probably aware of what bed bug bites look like and how unpleasant they are for all of you. Don’t forget to look out for signs they may have returned.

A fresh infestation is probably not your fault. More than likely the bed bugs will have travelled to your bed bug free home with your friends. If you see your friends have bites on their arms, or scratch a lot, it could be that they have a bed bug problem.

Why not share your knowledge with your friends? Tell there is as solution and that bed bugs are nothing to be embarrassed about. There are many bedbug control solutions. It does not mean that the bed bug hunter will come in and spray your home with artificial compounds. Bed bug extermination has come a long way in recent years, and there are now also alternative solutions.

You should always discuss your needs and your concerns with the company that you have contracted to deal with the problem. Even more importantly, it could be worth considering maintenance program.

The Modern-Day Bed Bug

Bed bugs can today be encountered in other places than beds. Most of us are surrounded by various materials which can attract bed bugs. That can be the fabric in your office chair at work, and they may even live on your commuter train home. Life is just a “hop” or a “crawl” for your average bed bug, and they are on their way to pastures new. They may only live short cyclical lives, but they love to share them with us.

But why should we share our lives with them? Learn more about how to get rid of bed bugs and how to avoid a new infestation by contacting the professionals. Most companies are quick to respond and help you to deal with the problem. Finally, again, this is a common problem, so please don’t be embarrassed. It can happen in the best and cleanest of homes but will not go away unless you tackle it.

Understanding the pest control in London

London, like other countries in the world, is home to various types of pests which frequently find their way into the house. This could pose a health risk to people living in the home. No region in the world does not have pests which need to be kept at bay. The only difference is the various regions have different types of pests to eradicate from home, meaning that the methods of eliminating the pests also differ.

London Bed Bug Pest Control


When searching for the best pest control services in London, there are a few things that can be taken into consideration to make the process much easier, saving the homeowner time, effort and money. Addresses and phone numbers: The first step is to gather essential information on the reputable pest control companies within the area. This information includes addresses and phone numbers. Then the homeowner should take time to call these companies and gather the crucial information on their services:

Asking questions:

During these phone calls, it is crucial that the homeowner asks everything he or she might need to know about the pest control services, including the steps necessary to solve the owner's problem. It is important that the homeowner provides a detailed explanation of the problem being experienced and try to get answers as to what steps the pest control company will take to solve the problem. Depending on the answers given to these questions, it will be possible to determine the credibility of the company and the efficiency with which it will deal with the problem.

Price quote:

The next step is to ask about the cost of the services. Every company has its price when it comes to the services they offer. Low rates do not necessarily mean the work will be substandard, but it is necessary to compare the prices and services to help in the evaluation and final choice of the best company for the job. The homeowner can then use this information to choose the pest control service he or she considers the most qualified for the task. The information should include specifics about the chemicals to be used and their toxicity. The

homeowner can also gather more information on the company by reading reviews that were given by former clients. Application of proper pest control and management, property holders, will be saved from loads of thinkable difficulties. The moment you let pest infestation enter the system of your operations, it will be much tough to recognise your ends for the institution.


This is a list of the most typical areas invaded by pests

Office Buildings - Without commercial pest control assistance, it is in fact, tough to become aware of infestation. Then again, the moment you put aside preventive and supportive procedures it's likely that your establishment will be invaded with pests. Your customers may think of it as a cause of your inattention to uphold a clean working environment. Your staff and personnel are probably not able to focus on their responsibilities and in due course become unproductive given they are usually troubled by pests. To prevent these types of conditions, it is crucial to let commercial pest control services take care of your pest concerns.

Food Processing Plants - These locations are the most alluring to pests.

Constant and detailed check-ups should be undertaken to stamp out pest infestation and to make way for an operative and successful pest control management. If you can make this happen, it becomes possible to offer your clients with exceptional customer service.

Supermarkets -It is, without a doubt, an embarrassment in the event your store

is not accordingly maintained. Also, consumers might get frustrated and look for other stores that meet their requirements. For public's safety, these establishments undergo regular checking and monitoring. Over and done with commercial pest control procedures including sanitation, elimination, and trapping, you can guarantee that pests can't ever ruin your business.

Bed Bugs bite


Schools - pests are frustrating; schools which must be conducive to

learning must be kept totally free of a pest as it might impede concentration and focus. Students are also one amongst the groups, prone to acquiring and spreading illnesses as they commonly and actively interact.

Hospitals - Needless to say, safety, is a must to all healthcare facilities.

Pests as a carrier of harmful bacteria should not be existent in these locations. Every patient's well-being is considered a priority that's why a proper commercial pest management must be carried out. Removing pest from home, kitchen, farmhouse, fields is not an easy task. There are several types of pests like ants, termites, bed bugs, mouse, mole, ticks, cockroach, bees, spider, and rodents, etc. which are us and cause several diseases. Hence, it becomes necessary to control the population of these pests. Use of commercial pest control services is the best medium to get rid of this problem. It is done in a human way & does not cause any harm to human being. It does not cause any damage to property and ensure the safety of your family members. There are several other reasons to use commercial services.

Advantages of Professional Pest Control London

Homeowners should learn multiple solutions available for pest control. While it is simple to shop for a pest control treatment from the local shop and make use of it in your home, this choice is appropriate only when the pest problem is not too troublesome. Anytime bugs like rodents, cockroaches, bedbugs, ants, and other bugs invade the property in substantial numbers then it becomes necessary to get the assistance of an expert pest control company. If the pest is not controlled in time, then the residence suffers damage. It also starts affecting the physical health of family members. A well-qualified pest control contractor affords some benefits.

Bed Bug Bites London Pest Control


Complete Service

A property owner is only able to control one or two type of pests at a time. However, a qualified company can deliver extensive services that eliminate all kinds of insects. These specialists understand how to do the job effectively and efficiently. They know the hiding places of these insects and utilises the ideal chemical at the proper spot.

Safety Issues

Chemicals used for pest management can be hazardous. If not used incorrect amount and appropriately, these chemicals can bring about health-related issues. Therefore, homeowners should never attempt to apply such substances on their own. Professionals working for the pest control contractor know the risks. They employ proper safety tools and use only the needed quantity of chemical at one location. If utilised in the right amount, these substances do not bring about any medical troubles in humans and animals.

Operation of Advanced Equipment

Specialists working for the pest control business work with commercial quality machines that expensive but efficient in administering the chemicals. Homeowners have no use of this costly equipment that could be required only once or twice a year. It is better to select a qualified business and get the service done successfully and promptly.


Current Practice

Even though there are many approaches, methods, chemicals and equipment that are used to exterminate insects, a qualified pest control contractor uses only the current ones that are much more successful compared to past approaches. They also work with chemicals in a way safe for the environment and helps eliminate the unwanted pests without affecting the wellness of home occupants.

Cost Savings

Anytime a homeowner tries to do the pest control by self then only property can be covered. It is a difficult activity that can use up significant time when undertaken without appropriate equipment. Supposing that the insects are not exterminated entirely in a single try then the insects left behind propagate rapidly. It could be minimised by taking help of a professional pest control contractor that eliminates pests from each nook and cranny. When there is no need to go for pest control procedures frequently, then it results in continual cost benefits. It is valuable to recognise the benefits of employing expert pest control London companies in taking on the quandary of unwanted pests. It is a headache free way to get this complicated task accomplished minus any difficulty. The preferred result is obtained without shelling out a lot. People who desire to live in a healthy environment should use such a service to keep their property free from unwanted pests.

Bed Bug Bites London Pest Control


Great things that a professional pest controller has to offer include: Conducting regular and detailed inspections of your property to uncover the presence of pests and recommend optimal solutions to eliminate and prevent such problems. Access to pest control technology not available anywhere else - the use of professional pest control products and tools are much more effective than their commercial counterparts but require training and experience for safe and truly effective implementation.

Most professional pest controllers guarantee satisfactory and effective results which are something that you just won't find even after repeatedly attempting to tackle the problem on your own with DIY pest control products. They are also successful in emergency conditions. You will not be able the origination of pests, but they will identify the place in only a few minutes. The experts will block all entry points for these tiny organisms and give you some precautions.

The professional service providers also give guarantee for a period. A warranty period, if the pests occur, they will eliminate it free of cost. So there you have it - some of the most significant advantages that come with hiring a professional for the job. If you want to make sure that you put an end to your pest management problems and keep your property free of such pests, you can't certainly go wrong by bringing in a good and reputable pest exterminator for the job.


There are many ways to handle or manage the problem of pests. To get rid of pests in your area, you must know the type of pest you are dealing with and what can work best to control it. However, there are several ways to control pests and among them are;

  1. Biological methods.
  1. Chemical methods.
  1. Non-chemical methods.

The natural method of pest control is pest predators to control pests. For example, you can use cat to control rats as pests in homes. The advantage of these is there are no chemicals getting into water or any substance in the home. Some other people may choose to use poisoned food or things to control pests in their homes and farms. Mice and rat removal in London is a big problem. Many people use this method to control mice and rats in their homes. These methods also work for the control of other species, including slugs and caterpillars.

Bees pest control in London is another problem among London farmers. If you discover that have a plague of bees on your farm, it is a good idea to burn the entire farm and fields after harvesting to get rid of the entire bee’s lineage. Burning will help destroy the eggs as well. People use traps also for controlling pets like rat and mice in our homes and farms. There are different kinds of traps you can use for controlling pests.Chemicals like sprays to control pests is also common today. One should be careful when selecting the type of spray chemical to used to avoid destroying your crops. There are some chemicals which are selective and some non-selective which one can choose from. But it all depends on the pest involved.

Bed Bug Bites London Pest Control


Another good method is fumigation; here you will hire an expert to do it for you. During fumigation, you, your family, and other pets at home will have to leave the home environment for a reasonable distance to avoid being infected. As fumigation is on, the whole building or the area will be filled with gas that will kill or wipe out all the pests in the area. Space treatment is another type of pest control, similar to fumigation. The difference is you do not seal the area completely during application. It involves liquid insecticides and not gas as in fumigation.

If it has caused you a big trouble in keeping pests like wasps away from specific areas, you can decide to destroy the infected trees and plants. Individuals can do wasps pest control in London; however, it is best done and controlled by pest experts to avoid resurfacing. Furthermore, you can decide to steam the soil as a means of controlling a pest. This technique involves steaming the soil to get rid of any pests that may be living in that area. This system is called sterilisation. Repellents method is another good method. These are chemicals you apply to drive away pests from the area. They can be either organic or chemical. You may choose to use repellents as a pest control. Many repellents are available for you to use. Some of them are chemical, and others are organic.

Lastly, other methods of pest control have not been discussed here. If you have taken a step to try any of the methods and have not recorded good results, you can consult an expert to assist you or advise you on the appropriate step to take in getting your home free from pests.

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