Bird netting can provide an immediate, effective and discreet solution to rid an area of pest bird problems. The bird netting method has been used repeatedly and successfully by Bed Bug Killers to protect and preserve buildings and structures across the globe.

Bed Bug Killers bird net system provides long term bird control solution at enclosed areas and other covered areas with potential nesting opportunities. The net forms a physical barrier around the premises that prevent birds from returning to their preferred nesting or roosting sites.

Our UV protected polyethene net material prevents the net from cracking under prolonged exposure to tropical sunlight. The catch with a mesh size of 19mm, together with the accompanying fixtures, combine to form a durable, heavy-duty, maintenance-free system guaranteed to stop all bird infestation immediately upon installation.

The durability of netting materials in bird control net is crucial in effective bird management. When materials of a lesser grade are used, it will cause breaking, tearing, which then creates holes for birds to intrude past the net barrier. Where repairs are not made in time, bird re-infestation can take place.

Installations are done professionally to ensure there is no entry point for pest birds. Improper installation will also cause the net to droop over time, creating a gap between the net and wall/ beam that will enable the birds to get in still!

Benefits of Bed Bug Killers Bird Netting Solutions

  • Immediate solution — bird net forms a physical barrier around the premises that prevent birds from returning.
  • Customizable — our bird specialists can provide custom installation to meet your property’s specifications.
  • Durability — High-quality netting provide long-lasting bird proofing solutions.
  • The discreet — impenetrable barrier protects the property without affecting its appearance.
  • Cost-effective — nets offer long-term value bird control without harming the birds.

To learn more about our Bird Netting solutions, contact our bird control experts at 0208 176 6754.