Flies are some of the most common and annoying flying insects that can be spotted around your premises. They thrive in warm, moist conditions and are especially attracted to decaying organic matters or overripe food such as faeces, carcasses, fruits, etc. Unfortunately, due to their preference for unhygienic environments, flies transmit diseases caused by harmful germs and bacteria such as Salmonella and E. Coli. Thus, contaminating your products and put your business reputation at risk.

  • Exclusion – Eliminate food sources for flies and ensure all waste disposal areas are properly closed
  • Restriction – Restrict/ Deny flies entry. Keep windows and doors closed
  • Destruction – Get professional fly control services such as foaming and ULV misting to control infestation
  • Monitoring – Ensure protection measures, such as insect light traps, continue to work after control is achieved

Do you Think you Have Flies?

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Bed Bug Killers Fly Control Treatments

Once a survey of your premises is complete, your Bed Bug Killers expert will recommend a fly control treatment program, especially for your needs. It may include one, or a combination, of the following:

  • Residual spraying, Mist Blowing and Thermal Fogging
  • Insect Light Trap
  • Foaming Solution

Protection with our Insect Light Trap (Electric Fly Killers)

Bed Bug Killers’ range of Insect Light trap or Electronic Fly Killers is a highly effective glue board fly control unit that traps the insects inside the team, avoiding contamination on the surfaces below.

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Are you looking for some practical advice while you wait? We have some great tips to help you keep flies out of your house.