How to Minimize the Breeding of Mosquitoes in Your Premises

Nothing takes the fun out of an evening like a bunch of bloodthirsty mosquitoes. You can keep the mosquito population under control by limiting their habitat on your property.

  • Install mosquito netting/screen on all windows – prevent mosquitoes from entering the house.
  • Remove stagnant water – unused tyres, empty cans and bottles to prevent them from breeding grounds for Aedes mosquitoes.
  • Clean and discard – any dried leaves that may clog the roof gutters once a week to prevent water stagnation.
  • Cover all water containers – to prevent mosquitoes from breeding.
  • Change water – in the vases, pot bases, and water containers and add larvicide to prevent mosquitoes from breeding at least once a month.
  • Clean and clear drains – around the house every week to prevent them from clogging.
  • Keep the swimming pool clean – and chlorinated every month even when not in use.

Professional Mosquito Control Services from Bed Bug Killers

At Bed Bug Killers, our pest experts are fully trained, licensed professionals with knowledge of the habits and lifecycle of mosquitoes. Practical training enables us to treat and get rid of mosquitoes as effectively as possible, helping you to not only minimize itchy mosquito bites but, more importantly, the protection against mosquito-borne viral diseases, including dengue fever that could be fatal.

Avoid mosquitoes before it is too late! Call us today to learn more about our Integrated Mosquito Management program at 0208 176 6754.

Remember: Female mosquitoes require just a few inches of stagnant and clean water to deposit their eggs!