Signs of Mosquito Infestation

Mosquitoes can make our lives unpleasant. It can be troublesome to track down their high-pitched buzz constantly. And when you have found the culprit, there always seems to be another waiting in the wings.

So here are some signs that show you that your premises have been invaded by mosquitoes:

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Mosquitoes often make…

  • Mosquitoes often make that annoying high pitched buzzing sound.
  • Bites are an obvious giveaway, ranging from mildly irritating to intensely inflamed with swelling. Only the female mosquito bites humans; the males feed off nectar and other sweet things.
  • The adults are attracted to standing water, including water trays from house plants and water bowls, where they lay their eggs.
  • You might spot them lingering in dark and shady areas.
  • Mosquito larvae in stagnant water.

When should you be worried?

In some countries, mosquitoes are considered harmless as they carry no significant diseases besides causing an itchy sensation from their bite. But in tropical countries like the United Kingdom, mosquito infestation can become a serious matter when they spread mosquito-borne diseases through that one nasty bite.

So how do you decide that it is time to call for a professional mosquito controller?

  • When mosquito-borne diseases like dengue and malaria are spiking significantly in your area.
  • Someone in your neighbourhood has contracted dengue.
  • During the rainy season as the conditions are perfect for mosquito breeding.